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About Us


Light shines brighter when appreciated, and here’s where Lmap Theory falls into place!

Curated by dynamic Jordanian interior designers seeking to enrich the design scene with modern and unique lighting items, Lamp Theory exceeds its online store façade and goes far beyond to become a lifestyle by itself, one that stands out with its modern edge in the ever-evolving art of lighting!

The first flicker of Lamp Theory has shined in Amman, and is gradually becoming a regional lighthouse for lighting designs with a flair for unique modern aesthetics that satisfy interior designers and design enthusiasts alike.

The bright theory behind Lamp Theory unfolds in three shapes: chandeliers, pendants and table lamps, all in one grand time-defying style: European mode!

Lamp Theory, Jordan’s first designer lighting online store, is a game changer; your order will come straight to your doorstep with next day delivery and cash-on-delivery payment method… Now that’s a bright idea!

It’s time to give your modern light the freedom to shine.